Custom IV Sets  | for Anesthesiology

Design patient-ready IV sets for the safe and efficient delivery of anesthesia medications.

Assembling multiple IV sets and components for anesthesia delivery requires extra manipulation that wastes time and may increase the risk of contamination.

Traditional methods for delivering anesthesia require the assembly of multiple IV sets and components. This process adds extra setup time and requires additional SKUs, which can waste much needed inventory space. The manipulation of IV set components may also increase the potential for bacterial contamination, which may elevate the risk of catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSI).

Improve patient safety and avoid the cumbersome assembly of components by designing single patient-ready sets for anesthesia.

Designing single patient-ready sets can help you save time and minimize SKUs while helping you optimize anesthesia
delivery at the point of care. By maintaining a needlefree mechanically and microbiologically closed system
from medication to patient, custom IV sets from ICU Medical may help you lower the risk of contamination and minimize
the risk of bloodstream infections.

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Help Reduce Risk
of Infection

A mechanically and microbiologically closed system provides a safe and effective microbial barrier to help minimize infection risks.

Efficiently Deliver
Simultaneous Fluids

Design "patient-ready" sets by choosing from a wide selection of needlefree stopcocks and manifolds.

Save Time
and Money

Eliminate the need to store and assemble multiple IV components.

Improve IV Line Management

Improve the safety and efficiency of your infusion therapy process with a variety of color-coded IV components.

Technology Spotlight

Market-leading Infection Control Technology Proven
to Minimize Bacterial Contamination1,2,3,4,5,6

MicroClave Clear can help your efforts to reduce infection risks by minimizing entry points for bacteria
and maximizing the effectiveness of every flush.


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Customize MicroClave

Clinically Preferred Design. Infection Control Performance You Can Trust.

MicroClave Clear combines proven Clave® technology with a clear housing to help you visualize connector flushing after blood draws or administration while providing an effective microbial barrier against bacteria transfer and contamination. Ideal for a wide range of clinical applications and patient populations, MicroClave Clear is the optimal facility-wide needlefree IV connector.

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