Diana | Hazardous Drug Compounding System

Automate Your Workflow

With Breakthrough Sterile Drug Compounding Technology

Introducing Diana, the first user-controlled automated compounding system with barcode scanning for the safe preparation of IV medications, including hazardous drugs.

The Diana™ system helps you reduce the risk for exposure to hazardous drugs while maintaining drug sterility and minimizing physical stress to pharmacists and technicians.

By incorporating wireless barcode scanning, Diana also helps reduce human data entry errors and improve preparation traceability. Diana fits under the hood of a biological safety cabinet and uses many of ICU Medical’s proven ChemoClave® components to protect clinicians from exposure to hazardous drugs and accidental needlesticks, while protecting the final patient preparation from exposure to environmental contaminants.

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Cost-effectively keep pharmacists and technicians in
control of the compounding process from beginning to end.

Reduced Risk
of Injury

Free up pharmacists and technicians from many of the
repetitive motions required during preparation and

Closed System
Assures Safety

Maintain drug sterility while protecting clinicians from exposure to hazardous drugs and accidental needlesticks.

Increased Efficiency
and Reduced Waste

Improve workflow efficiency while reducing drug waste by
extracting every drop of drug from every container.

How it works

Reducing Human Data Entry Error.
The Diana system’s barcode scanner references a library of over 6500 unique injectable drug names and concentrations to help minimize data entry errors while giving you enhanced traceability, improved documentation, and complete validation of each preparation.

Providing a Complete Record of Each Preparation
After each mix is completed, the Diana system sends the medication name, volume, time, and date to a printer that creates up to five labels containing preparation information to complement your validation and quality assurance process, help prevent medication errors, and provide a record of past preparations.

System Workflow

Step One

Scan the barcode on the patient order to
provide order traceability.

Step Two

Scan the medication barcode to display the drug name and concentration on the screen.

Step Three

Enter drug volume and verify that the volume, channel, and container are correct.

Step Four

Press the start button and Diana does the rest, giving you validation when complete.

After the mix is complete, the Diana system prints up to five barcoded labels for enhanced traceability.

The Diana system is also available with a user-programmable dropdown drug menu for workflows not using barcode scanning.

High-Volume Compounding

Diana -BatchingImprove the efficiency of your batch filling process.

The unique features of the Diana system facilitate high-volume compounding of IV medications, allowing you to improve your existing batch filling process to be more accurate, safe, and efficient.

  • Diana accepts any size syringe for batch filling of operating room anesthesia
    or Patient-Controlled Analgesia (PCA)

  • Perfect for batch filling of heavy-use admixtures

  • Effortlessly fills elastomeric pumps

Preparation Sets

A Completely Closed System Takes Contamination Out of the Equation.

Helping keep you safe while preserving the sterility of drugs throughout the compounding process.

The microbiologically and mechanically closed design of the Diana system is accomplished through a series of innovative needlefree components, including pre-packaged preparation sets and many of ICU Medical’s proven ChemoClave® closed system components. These devices attach to all containers that are dispensing or receiving a drug in the compounding process to protect the patient preparation from exposure to environmental contaminants while protecting the clinician from both exposure to the drug and accidental needlesticks.

Channel One Cassette

with 20 mL syringe

Channel Two Diluent Set

with 50 mL syringe, drip chamber, and two Spiros®

Channel Two Diluent Set

with 50 mL syringe, drip chamber, bag spike, and one Spiros

Channel Two Diluent Set

with 50 mL syringe, drip chamber, one Spiros, and one MicroClave® Clear (CH4003)

Channel Two Diluent Set

with 50 mL syringe, drip chamber, bag spike, and one MicroClave Clear